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Tuneful Tuesdays: Life Or Love

Between this week being our annual on-air fund-raiser at the radio station I work for and reading through a book on self-esteem that’s basically stirring up every emotion I’ve ever experienced in my entire life, I’ve been having a little trouble focusing on blogging recently. Since I already skipped yesterday, though, I figured I should at least hit the usual Tuesday feature. (Just a note: There is a really rambling, messy draft of something I was working on last night saved on WordPress, but it won’t see the light of day today – if ever. I know that seems like a tease, but I feel the need to let everyone know I at least tried to get something together yesterday. There, I feel better.)

If you haven’t noticed from reading “Tuneful Tuesdays,” I listen to lots of different types of music. I can’t say I’m a hardcore fan, but I even like the occasional bluegrass tune every now and then, which used to earn me all kinds of ridicule from my metal-loving friends. (True story: I actually had a friend refuse to eat at a Logan’s Roadhouse one night because they, in his opinion, played too much country music there.) The older I get, though, the less I seem to care about what other people think about what I listen to, which means I can have B.oB. (I just discovered “Airplanes” last week. Where have I been?) mingling comfortably with Willie Nelson on my iPod these days.

A few years back, I stumbled upon a song by Bradley Walker called “Life or Love.” It’s on a project titled¬†Highway of Dreams,¬†released in 2006 on Rounder Records. Walker was born with muscular dystrophy and has spent his whole life in a wheelchair, so the fact that he walked away with the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Male Vocalist of the Year award in 2007 was no small feat. The song I’m referring to was written by Harley Allen and Gary Cotton, two songwriters I know absolutely nothing about but apparently have enough in common with that they wrote a set of lyrics describing the mindset I have on many days nearly perfectly.

Instead of psychoanalyzing this poor tune to death, I’m just going to throw the lyrics out there, embed the video, and see if any of you have ever felt the same way. Sorry for the not-so-great video, but it’s all I could find.

I tried to stay on the straight and narrow
But I’ve walked a crooked path
And I’ve felt worthy of forgiveness
And deservin’ Heaven’s wrath

Right on the money and off by a mile
Ahead of my time and way out of style

But I’m hangin’ tough, I ain’t had enough
I ain’t givin’ up on life or love

Well, I try to stay away from the bottle
But I’ve reached out for the glass
I’ve try to pull back on the throttle
But I still run out of gas

I’ve been an angel, but never a saint
Hung with the devil, don’t nobody faint

‘Cause I’m hangin’ tough, I ain’t had enough
I ain’t givin’ up on life or love

Yesterday’s history, today is a chance
Tomorrow is a mystery so I’m makin’ plans

To keep hangin’ tough, I ain’t had enough
I ain’t givin’ up on life or love
I keep hangin’ tough, I ain’t had enough
I ain’t givin’ up on life or love
Life or love