Tuneful Tuesday: Invisible (And Different)

People are happy doing a great variety of things. Some are perfectly content to curl up at night with a good crossword puzzle. Some enjoy sitting on their front porch and watching traffic pass by. Some religiously watch their favorite television shows each week. Some may even be happy just leaning back in their recliner at night and dozing off after dinner.

I can’t begrudge anyone for what makes them happy. All those things I just mentioned, though? They’re not for me.

I have always felt a great pressure in life to be normal. To do what was expected of a regular person. If you think about it, ultronthough, people who are vastly different are celebrated daily in our culture. For instance, the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron opens in the United States this week. It will be watched by scores of “normal” people, but it will have been produced by people who think largely outside of the box. A movie which deals with the fantastic would, logically, come from minds which dwell on the fantastic, and those minds are not going to fit the common mold.

For those among us who aspire to be writers, actors, musicians, painters, photographers, or anything else outside of a normal career, our thinking has to become different. Writing is an odd task, at least in my eyes, because it doesn’t produce anything tangible or usable. It’s words on a page, not a tool that can be used for repairs or clothing that can be worn or a house that can be lived in. It does have worth, though, so it requires someone who can stand apart from the crowd and be comfortable there.

I have not arrived at that place yet, and I believe there is a great number of people who are in the same predicament. As a result, a lot of us feel invisible to the world around us, or we feel like outcasts who don’t fit in anywhere. Some people push through, though, and make it.

This song is for all of us…


One thought on “Tuneful Tuesday: Invisible (And Different)

  1. Hello Edward
    Thanks for Following my MHQuest.
    After your sincere declaration of poor or reluctant Follow-ship of other Blogs
    i had felt …safe you would not attempt that! Lol! I did not expect you to.
    You will not get much joy out of it. The definingpathways.wordpress.com
    would be closer to your interest as i will be writing there about depression
    and … depressed entries, Lol! It is a new one i created recently and testing
    the waters so to speak, my personal waters that is of ‘shall i shall i not’
    rather than followings or likes which i have learned to live without
    and often its nice to feel that i m talking to myself – its one of the things i do best.
    So i suggest you unfollow the first and trial the second without obligation of commitment.

    I follow yours because i like your style of writing, the honesty of expression
    and most of your topics are of interest to me. I do the same with just a few
    other ones irrespective of them following or rather Not following mine.

    Bear in mind i am in very fragile health which grounds me badly during winter
    and my days…weeks…months in the best case are numbered,
    so if i suddenly drop off the radar it means i am totally indisposed
    or finally on-board my last …flight 🙂
    Ok, this is for Your eyes only- not to be published- as it is irrelevant to your Entry.
    Enjoy a Great Day!

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