Taking A Break

Fifteen days from today, I will take the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) test.

I am scared out of my mind.

I’ve written about my desire to return to school and obtain a master’s degree so I can work in some type of counseling field. I put action to my intention by making an appointment to take the GRE April 24. I have two fairly thorough study guides I’ve been going through, and I downloaded the GRE PowerPrep II software, which contains some practice tests. I feel like I have some good materials to get me prepared.

BloggingBreakAs I expected, I feel relatively confident on the sections involving English, writing, and analytical and reasoning skills. And, also as I expected, the math and geometry/quantitative reasoning sections are kicking my butt. I wasn’t good at geometry when I actually was a student in school, so asking me to tackle it now that I haven’t been in a classroom setting in over a decade is a tall task.

Since writing is what I really enjoy doing, I’ve been attempting to keep this blog up to speed at its regular pace, but I’ve realized that writing in the way I want to every day is keeping me from studying like I should be. So, with much reluctance, I’m going to take a break from writing here until I can get the test out of the way. I am petrified I am going to have spent all this money on taking the GRE and then fail it, so I am going to really buckle down the next two weeks.

As with most decisions I make, I’m sure I will get wishy-washy at some point and write a short post here and there, but I realize this is something I really need to do. So I wish you all nothing but strength, hope, and happiness as you continue to fight the good fight. Hopefully, when I return, I’ll have some good news for you.


One thought on “Taking A Break

  1. You have enough strength and determination to get this far on your way to your goal,
    so practical and critical as you might be with the areas you may fall short
    dont let Fear be the Mind Killer – quote from Frank Herbert Dune Trilogy –
    the only Science fiction i have ever liked and read three times! years apart.

    Scary it admittedly is but you must believe you can do it otherwise you would not be even trying it.
    Our thoughts will be with you, i m sure the followers of which i consider myself one will wish you well
    and be understanding if you get down to studying and neglect your blogging-perhaps employing the help of a quick Tuition in your weak areas – the expense will pay if results of your goal are successful- and we’ ll see you back hopefully triumphant!
    Good Luck!

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