ampFeedback, depending on how it is used, can either be a great asset or a great detriment to a musician. That squealing, high-pitched sound is cool if you’re Eddie Van Halen; not so much if you’re, say, Paul Simon. Whether it fits or not, though, the concept of feedback is always the same: A loop is created, which causes sound to be amplified over and over and over again, creating either a screech or a deep, booming roar, depending on the frequency.

In the “normal” world, feedback can also be a positive or a negative. If it is offered and accepted in the correct manner, it can greatly improve a situation. If it is resoundingly negative and harsh, or if the person receiving it does not accept it, it can be toxic. In either instance, though, it is required for a reaction.

I am a person who thrives on feedback. Does that mean I always enjoy the feedback I receive? Absolutely not. I’ve gotten downright mad about some of the feedback I’ve received. To me, though, that is better than being left to wonder. Positive feedback gives me tremendous confidence. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say I feed off of it. The only trap I fall into regarding feedback is that too many times I let it define my worth.

What do I mean by that? Well, ironically, much of what I do is feedback-reliant. Take writing this blog, for instance. Yesterday, I wrote a post about light therapy, and near the end I asked for comments on the effectiveness of this. As of the time of this writing, I have received zero feedback. Sometimes I read other people’s blogs and compare the number of people liking their posts to the number who like mine. I want that continuous loop. Sometimes I want it too much.

Believe it or not, I did not write all that to attempt to manipulate you into commenting on or liking my posts. I wrote all that because I have noticed that as much as I crave that feedback, I am horrible about giving it myself. I’ve watched other successful bloggers form great networks and lasting friendships through interaction. I haven’t really done much of that. I have a few regular readers and “likers,” but there’s no one really promoting my stuff, and I don’t really promote anyone else’s sites either.

So feedback, I’ve come to learn, is indeed a continuous loop, and as frustrated as I may have been at different times over the lack of it I have received, I have also realized that many times I am the one not completing the loop. I’m the one not offering a pat on the back. I’m the one not following your blog when you follow mine. I’m the one ignoring your questions while asking you to answer mine. I need to do a better job of connecting the loop.

Let the feedback begin then.


2 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Ah…don’t get me started about that! Lol! ‘
    Let’s just say i know exactly how you feel! I too have a number of Cinderella in the basement type of Blogs no one wants anyone to know they have visited …repeatedly, some with over 50,000 views yet Zero likes despite many coming back judging by the keywords used that are specific phrases of mine.
    I tell myself i dont really care about feedbacks and likes or followers and much less for those who put a like to feature their blog on my site from the Tag Reader without even doing the courtesy on clicking to view -let alone read the
    Entry they supposedly like!- I get temporarily mad and discouraged but i get over and follow my path.
    In regards to your Site, i saw the latest entry about labelling kids – with ADHD and prepared for a feedback but i had so much to say that felt drained before started – i am in very fragile health and state, so i may or may not comeback to give feedback but i added your site to my favourites and i will be reading with great interest – disclosure: was diagnosed with depression and was bombarded by my GP trying to push down my throat antidepressants which i resisted vehemently despite having to cope with it since my early teens and eventually finding my own way to handle it without medications.

    Not all people can offer easily feedback in sites that do not feature fashion, make up, pizza, cakes and pastrami, Lol! and many -like yourself- just dont want to engage – i disappear in winter and dont talk to anyone, SAD syndrome another of your Entries that i could write feedback but we are entering winter here in Down Under and i feel my inner communicative light fading fast, so i d just like to say, you have a very interesting site and please ignore the lack of feedback and likes and followers and keep doing what you are doing! It is not worth you trying to engage without your heart in it for the sake of getting fake likes or tempo followers and no quality feedback – I m sure you are interested in Real and engaged Feedback which is not easy to get and you will feel bad if you pseudo pursue others without your real interest.
    This is not actually Feedback it is more of a Note for You because i sympathise with how you feel and wanted to encourage you to continue. So, please do not publish it, as it is not a proper one especially for a quality site like yours – just read and delete- and you don’t have to visit my site either! 🙂
    Kind Regards

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