Reblog: Learning To Love My Name Again

I am not a fan of re-posting items from other people’s blogs. It feels like cheating to me. I mean, I didn’t write the content, so I sort of feel as if I’m plagiarizing someone else’s work, particularly if I don’t know them.

Sometimes, though, a post will arise that so strikes a chord with me that I feel like everyone else should read it, too. This entry is from a blog titled Under Reconstruction. It’s written by a woman named Karen Zainal, and I will just admit now I don’t actually know her. She has been kind enough to like a few of my posts, so I started following her blog as well. I could steal more details from her site (, but you should go there and read her story for yourself.

So, without further adieu, here is Learning to Love My Name Again, by Karen Zainal. I hope it touches you as much as it touched me.

2 thoughts on “Reblog: Learning To Love My Name Again

  1. I understand your position on reblogging, having felt the same way. After countless reblogs, though, I’ve had lots of thanks for it from authors, and no hard feelings at all. If I took credit, cut and pasted etc., that of course would be rank plagiarism. But reblogging inherently credits the source and invited eyeballs to the source. It’s more like free advertising than theft. Still, I’ll admit it’s a hard concept to get used to…

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