Tuneful Tuesdays: Days Like These

alaskaI could never live in Alaska. No, it’s not because of the cold; it’s because of the darkness. I am a solar-powered person, and we’ve had nothing but rainy and cloudy days where I live for at least the past four days. Now, if we’re talking rain at night while I’m drifting off to sleep, I’ll take it. There’s just something very soothing to me about the sound of rain on the roof during the night. During the day, though, I need the sun. I can handle a couple of days of dark skies, but I begin to feel the drag after a while.

Well, today was the day I hit the wall. Absolutely nothing seemed to go right for me today. I use the word “seemed,” though, because I’m not sure if things were really that bad or if I just finally succumbed to the lack of sunlight. Some of it could have just been perspective. Either way, I’m ready for this rain to move on and for the sun to shine again.

In an effort to try to end this day on a more positive note, I thought I’d feature a song about how a little rain isn’t the end of the world. Granted, I don’t have the optimism today expressed in the chorus, but Asia’s “Days Like These” has always been one of those songs I couldn’t help but smile at when I heard it. “Days like these I feel like I could change the world…” Who hasn’t had a day like that, when no darkness or pain or bad weather could get them down? They may be rarer for some of us than others, but they do exist.

“And anyway, I love the rain.” What a great lyric. I don’t love the rain, but there’s sun in the forecast for Thursday. Maybe I’ll feel like changing the world that day…



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