Disney Week

To quote the great Samwise Gamgee, “Well, I’m back.” The week-long Disney vacation is now over, and I am faced with the difficult task of re-assimilating back into reality. Let the kicking and screaming commence…

disneyBefore anyone points out to me all the questionable things related to the Walt Disney company, let me just say this right up front: I love Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Disney feminism, Disney ties to porn, Disney greed, blah, blah, blah… I freakin’ love going to the park. Even if my family and I are running ragged by the end of the day, there’s just something about being there that makes me want to dream again.

My last trip to Disney before this one was three years ago, before I had gone through any kind of counseling for depression. I hate to admit this, but I actually cried when we arrived home after that trip. This time around was a little different, although I still had some issues to sort out as the week went on. In fact, I had quite a few insights by the end of the trip. So many, in fact…

I’m just going to declare this “Disney Week” here at the blog, meaning every entry this week will have something to do with my recent excursion to the Magic Kingdom. My theme tonight would have to be “I’m Tired and Going to Bed.” I’ll kick things off in proper fashion tomorrow. In the meantime, keep wishing on the stars…


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