The Bad Guys

What makes a bad guy a bad guy? Is he defined by the things he does or can his actions somehow be separated from who his is as a snidelyperson?

And I am I one myself?

Those are the questions I’ll be looking at here this week. I’ve heard the expression “Who you are is not what you do.” for years and years, but it’s always been very difficult for me to accept. I mean, if I do something, I did it. It was me. Ergo, if I do a bad thing, wouldn’t it stand to reason that I’m a bad guy?

Maybe not.

Perhaps behaviors can be externalized. Perhaps the person at the core is not the sum of his deeds. Perhaps the intercession of Christ does indeed make us new creations and frees us from the bondage of sin.

Or perhaps we don’t want to admit we’re as bad as we think we are.

So buckle up. Things might get ugly. Feelings may be hurt. Disagreements may occur. It’s time to separate the good from the bad.


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