Burying The Hatchet

Four years ago, thank to Dan Gilbert and LeBron James, we all found out what Comic Sans font looked like.

dan-gilbert-letter1-e1278686140652-550x275Shortly after “The Decision” was made by James to leave the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers to go the Miami Heat via free agency, Gilbert fired off one of the most bizarre hissy-fit letters in the history of , well, ever. Typed in Comic Sans font, Gilbert’s post-Decision tirade included ill-placed quotation marks, plenty of words in all caps, and a heavy dose of vitriol aimed squarely at King James himself. Oh, and it also included a guarantee from Gilbert that the Cavs would win a title before any team with LeBron ever would.

As ridiculous as even the mere existence of such a letter sounds, up until two days ago it was still posted on the Cavs’ official team website. To put that into perspective, James has won two titles with the Heat since that letter appeared on the internet, and he went to the NBA Finals the other two years. Cleveland, meanwhile, has had a lot of success in the NBA Draft Lottery, which is a nice way of saying their record has sucked every year since LeBron skipped town.

What apparently was enough to take the letter off the website, though, might have been even more unthinkable to me: LeBron James may actually be thinking of returning to Cleveland as a free agent. I know James is from Ohio. I know there is a certain allure to “coming home.” I know the Cavaliers could throw a lot of money his way.

But … Comic Sans, man!

A grudge is a difficult thing to let go, as evidenced by the fact Gilbert’s letter was only taken down this week. I couldn’t imagine David-Lee-Roth-Eddie-Van-Halengoing back to work for a man who publicly called me a traitor just hours after I left his team. I also wasn’t able to imagine the Van Halen brothers ever playing with David Lee Roth again. Or Hillary Clinton agreeing to serve as Barack Obama’s secretary of state after a fairly brutal campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

If James returns to Cleveland, though, all these things will have happened. Personally, I don’t get it. I always thought you were supposed to get as far away from the people who hurt you as possible. If someone wronged you, you didn’t go back to them. I’m still holding grudges that are years and years old, not out of spite but for protection. Been there, done that, ain’t gonna happen again…

That philosophy would be all well and good if not for this: You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against the sons of your own people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself. This may be Old Testament scripture, but it lines up perfectly with New Testament theology. Vengeance isn’t mine. I was forgiven much, so I should be just as ready to forgive much. There may be wonderful opportunities locked away in some of those old grudges. The only thing keeping them there is, well, me.

Still don’t know if I could get past the Comic Sans, though. Some fonts are just too much to overcome, you know?


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